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more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed pragma Elaborate_Body | >>> missing ";" 3. This means that if the package is referenced but the only references are in use clauses or renames declarations, a warning is still generated. This section talks about the experience provided by the command line compiler, contrasting Clang output to GCC 4.9's output in some cases. weblink

What makes up $17,500 cost to outfit a U.S. Note, however, that in this case it has suppressed the more informative error. It means the compiler didn't find a declaration for a variable prior to its first use. Soldier mentioned in War Dogs Do you have to download a special version of Blender to use experimental features? https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gnat_ugn/Output-and-Error-Message-Control.html

Gcc Warnings

For C only, warn about a return statement with an expression in a function whose return type is void, unless the expression type is also void. In the following somewhat nonsensical example you can see that you don't even need to see the original source code to understand what is wrong based on the Clang error. This warning is enabled by -Wall. -WcommentWarn whenever a comment-start sequence ‘/*’ appears in a ‘/*’ comment, or whenever a Backslash-Newline appears in a ‘//’ comment. These warnings occur for individual uninitialized or clobbered elements of structure, union or array variables as well as for variables that are uninitialized or clobbered as a whole.

Build an Alphabet Pyramid Wife sent to collections for ticket she paid ten years ago College professor builds a tesseract Is it mandatory to define transitions on every possible alphabet in It warns about cases where the compiler optimizes based on the assumption that signed overflow does not occur. semantic browsing tools or integrated development environments) that are driven from the `ali' file. G++ Again, these are only possible candidates.

It is recommended to first consider suggestions of -Wsuggest-final-types and then rebuild with new annotations. -Wsuggest-overrideWarn about overriding virtual functions that are not marked with the override keyword. -WallocaThis option warns Stlfilt GCC includes the minimum size of the buffer in an informational note following the warning. Also warn about ISO C constructs that have no traditional C equivalent, and/or problematic constructs that should be avoided. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/656420/is-there-any-way-to-get-readable-gcc-error-and-warning-output-at-the-command-lin Incrementing a boolean is invalid in C++1z, and deprecated otherwise.) This warning is enabled by -Wall. -Wduplicated-condWarn about duplicated conditions in an if-else-if chain.

This warning is only issued if the base of the constant is ten. Options enabled or disabled via pragmas (see Diagnostic Pragmas) take effect as if they appeared at the end of the command-line. I.e. However, without this option, certain GNU extensions and traditional C and C++ features are supported as well.


Macro parameters that appear within string literals in the macro body. case 5: ... } -Wswitch-unreachable does not warn if the statement between the controlling expression and the first case label is just a declaration: switch (cond) { int i; ... Gcc Warnings Site was hacked, need to remove all URLs starting with + from Google, use robots.txt? Colorgcc This construct is not accepted by some traditional C compilers.

Warnings from system headers are normally suppressed, on the assumption that they usually do not indicate real problems and would only make the compiler output harder to read. have a peek at these guys Usage of ISO string concatenation is detected. What's the point of requiring specific inexpensive material components? some_class [with int A = 1, int B = 2, int C = 3] Any chance to make it show something like: ... Gcc Options

This option also warns when alloca is used in a loop. up vote 0 down vote favorite GCC has a very verbose format for certain template error messages: ... It may be useful in this case to also specify `-gnatq' to ensure that full semantic processing occurs. http://bloggingsystemsblog.com/gcc-error/gcc-error-output-format.html Fooz's answer above.

In C++, type compatibility here means the type of the shadowing variable can be converted to that of the shadowed variable. share|improve this answer answered Mar 17 '09 at 23:43 Mr Fooz 40.8k35184 1 Hey, I posted that with a temp account and now I can't follow up with it, but up vote 20 down vote favorite 7 For some long errors, the gcc output is dense and has lots of line-wrapping etc.

Thanks again. –mikeh Mar 18 '09 at 4:26 FWIW, I find that there's no need for something like STLfilt with MS's newer compilers - they give quite readable error

It is, in my opinion, a clain that is just plain wrong. Examples of code with undefined behavior are a = a++;, a[n] = b[n++] and a[i++] = i;. char buf [64]; new (buf) int[64]; This warning is enabled by default. -Wplacement-new=1This is the default warning level of -Wplacement-new. How to start building a regression model when the most strongly associated predictor is binary How does this Makefile makes C program without even specifying a compiler?

A sane error message would start with "type int is not valid for the second template argument to std::vector". This switch causes a full listing of the file to be generated. In normal operation mode, the compiler first parses the program and determines if there are any syntax errors. this content The clang command-line compiler driver uses this information to print "point diagnostics". (IDEs can use the information to display in-line error markup.) This is nice because it makes it very easy

Some of the situations for which GNAT issues warnings (at least some of the time) are given in the following list, which is not necessarily complete. Note that there may be no warning about a variable that is used only to compute a value that itself is never used, because such computations may be deleted by data For example: -gnatwaLe Would turn on all optional warnings except for elaboration pragma warnings, and also specify that warnings should be treated as errors. -w This switch suppresses warnings from request for implicit conversion from void * to a pointer to non-void type. -Wc++11-compat (C++ and Objective-C++ only)Warn about C++ constructs whose meaning differs between ISO C++ 1998 and ISO C++

There are several ways that we do this. Some examples are: Details on possibly non-portable unchecked conversion List possible interpretations for ambiguous calls Additional details on incorrect parameters -gnatjnn In normal operation mode (or if `-gnatj0' is used), GNU C assigns these types a size of 1, for convenience in calculations with void * pointers and pointers to functions. Unlike Perl based scripts GilCC has statistics such as # of warnings and error and compile time.

This switch causes GNAT to generate the brief format error messages to stderr (the standard error file) as well as the verbose format message or full listing (which as usual is return Integer; | >>> ";" should be "is" 5. Level 2: Aggressive, quick, not too precise. Initialization of unions.