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We ran into this issue with one of our .NET applications, and having seen the post, our outsourcing team raised their hands in the air and said they couldn't fix the Public Class Form1
Dim open As OpenFileDialog
Dim i As String
Dim img As Image = Nothing
Dim pic As String
Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As but it isn't. I don't know why. –agarcian Apr 4 '12 at 20:59 This helped me.

This line: TrayIconCPU.Icon = Icon.FromHandle(m_TrayBitmap.GetHicon) needs to be changed to: IntPtr Hicon = img.GetHicon(); Icon newIcon = Icon.FromHandle(Hicon); TrayIconCPU.Icon = newIcon; DestroyIcon(newIcon.Handle); In order to call the DestroyIcon method you'll need I think We can use the same below code for any other bitmap image by cloning it. Turn this array into a matrix How did Smith get to see Cypher alone? Do you need your password? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1053052/a-generic-error-occurred-in-gdi-jpeg-image-to-memorystream

A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi C# Image Save

I wasted 2 hours with the damn write permissions... This shouldn't cause a problem though, the extras should be outside the clipping region and not be drawn. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Factorial digit sum What's the point of requiring specific inexpensive material components?

BillyMac 12-Mar-14 23:11pm This was a great help, thanks! Not the answer you're looking for? Are room temperature superconductors theoretically possible, and through what mechanism? How To Solve A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+ Meaning of "Sue me" College professor builds a tesseract Print specific words/numbers via grep/cut commands What danger/code violation is oversized breakers?

Regards Srikumar Srinivasan - Saturday, May 8, 2010 3:34:31 AM when i save data this error is occurred. A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi In C# Windows Application Permalink Posted 28-Mar-11 10:09am OriginalGriff1.7M Comments creizlein 28-Mar-11 15:26pm I didn't tried, but just thinking it does not make sense, since the code does work perfect for a I was trying to use EncoderParameter to save the jpegs in 100% quality. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14866603/a-generic-error-occurred-in-gdi-when-attempting-to-use-image-save What now?

this stuff just doesn't come up in the help searches not even in the help for Icon.FromHandle. A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi Image Save Vb Net for (int i = 65498; i <= 100000; i++) { using (Bitmap t = new Bitmap(800, i)) using (Graphics gBmp = Graphics.FromImage(t)) { Color green = Color.FromArgb(0x40, 0, 0xff, 0); using I also faced that error when I was using Infragistics charts control , the control was trying to create a temporary chart in ChartImages folder and my application was not given Shortest code to throw SIGILL A book called "The Zone" Coding standard for clarity: comment every line of code?

A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi In C# Windows Application

Of course, ASP docs were of zero help, but your page got me up and running right away. try this Still it is not a permission issue, because i checked that the folder has the everyone in full control so... A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi C# Image Save VB.NET WHILE saving image from picturebox Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. Bitmap.save C# current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

Browse other questions tagged c# gdi+ or ask your own question. For example, if you are trying to save the Image from the memory stream to the file system , you may get that error. Posted 28-Mar-11 9:57am creizlein605 Add a Solution Comments CPallini 28-Mar-11 15:35pm Why do you dispose bCPU before gCPU? So, instead of using (var strm = new ... ) { myImage = Image.FromStream(strm); } try this Stream imageStream; ... A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. Asp.net C#

OutOfMemory Indicates that the operating system is out of memory and could not allocate memory to process the method call. Sign in using Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters home articles Chapters and Sections> Search Latest Articles Latest Tips/Tricks Top Articles Beginner Articles Technical Blogs Posting/Update How on earth are you supposed to do a dll import? What danger/code violation is oversized breakers?

I got this error in one of my websites and I had no idea what was going on so after finding some answers on STACK, I realised that it was a C# Picturebox Image Save A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+ The fix, for me, was to up the disk quota for IUSR on the IIS server. share|improve this answer edited Mar 26 '13 at 15:55 answered Nov 30 '12 at 14:13 vipes 16115 add a comment| up vote 8 down vote Save image to bitmap variable using

Switching between +9V and -9V (using 5V logic) Cryptic Clue Guide How can I create a sophisticated table like the one attached?

Leisure and Entertainment What do you call someone who acts "cool-headed"? PictureBox's Load() disposes the stream which the image was loaded from, and I did not know that. That way the stream can be disposed of e.g. System.runtime.interopservices.externalexception (0x80004005): A Generic Error Occurred In Gdi+. Switch Visual Studio MSDN Library The topic you requested is included in another documentation set.

Reasons for an academic to need administrator rights on work computer Why are there two kernels under `/lib/modules` on 16.04 LTS? Your Email This email is in use. I found that the best solution was to create a new Bitmap object from the image that was loaded from the memory stream. For an explanation of how constructors use the OutOfMemory status, see the Remarks section at the end of this topic.

bmpNew.Save(fileName); } As can be seen, both methods utilize a secondary image to hold a copy of the original image and makes modifications there. How do I approach this? InsufficientBuffer Indicates that a buffer specified as an argument in the API call is not large enough to hold the data to be received. certainobjects in System.Drawing namespace), we would sometimes get the following exception: System.Runtime.InteropServices.ExternalException: "A generic error occurred in GDI+." Debugging this exception can be extremely frustrating as it can happen under many

Simply copying the image to a new Bitmap object was enough to prevent this exception from appearing: new Bitmap(oldbitmap).Save(filename); share|improve this answer answered May 8 '12 at 22:37 Segfault 4,56221836 add A limit without invoking L'Hopital. When answering a question please: Read the question carefully. share|improve this answer answered Dec 19 '10 at 23:38 Ivan Mesic 40938 add a comment| up vote 19 down vote You'll also get this exception if you try to save to

Most similar problem out there relate to saving images to files without permissions. Idiom for situation where you can either gain a lot or lose a lot Is ((a + (b & 255)) & 255) the same as ((a + b) & 255)? One should ensure if that path exist or not. My final code: try { img.SaveJpeg(tmpFile, quality); // This is always successful for say image1.jpg, but always throws the GDI+ exception for image2.jpg } catch (Exception ex) { // Try HU's

Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML Preview 0 … Existing Members Sign in to your account ...or Join us Download, Vote, Comment, Publish. its very frustrating. I'd been directly deploying some of the .dll's to the test server. You should be creating a SINGLE Pen object for each color you want to use, use those throughout your drawing routine, then Dispose them.

Dave Kreskowiak 28-Mar-11 22:01pm I was going entirely on the code snippet you posted. That should lead us to the exact native problem GDI+ is having. –Drew Marsh Apr 28 '11 at 20:16 Yes, GDI+ seems single-threaded, I had an error on trying How was I supposed to know I was using win32 stuff I thought I was using .NET. Some things to try: 1) Write to a different folder. 2) Check the dimensions of the file.

For your reference, I've written a nice bit of GDI code to make address labels, and we were porting it to ASP.